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Wellness in our home

For the last couple of years, our family has begun embracing wellness.  We're been trying to limit the toxicity in our lives  - eating more natural foods, increasing fruit and vegetables, exercising, and embracing more natural ways to improve our sleep, moods, household cleaning and health.

wellness at work

I have also begun using Essential Oils with work.  As a newborn photographer, I am always looking at ways to keep the studio calm and relaxed, leading to better images of both the family and newborn.  I love that diffusing Essential Oils in the studio can really change the atmosphere, promoting calm.


Essential oils in your life

I use Essential Oils every day for so many different things.  I might use them to  help me feel more energetic in the morning, to promoting feelings of focus and concentration during the day and since using them at night-time, I've never slept better!  I also use Essential Oils for more natural cleaning solutions.  Essential Oils can help promote positive emotions, and can assist in many health and wellbeing issues.

get started

So you want to start using Essential Oils yourself - in your own home or business?
When you sign up to doTERRA, you pay a $35 membership fee, which then allows you to access wholesale prices, which is 25% off retail prices! YAY!
Alternatively, if you purchase one of the Enrolment Kits, your membership fee is waived for the first year.
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