Whether it's your first baby or your fourth, every pregnancy is different and should be documented.
Maternity sessions capture that beautiful time in a woman's life, when really - you feel most like a woman!  you have the option to come out to the studio by yourself and we can glam it up, or you can bring your partner and kids and we can make it a family affair.

Maternity sessions are best done at round 35 weeks when your belly is nice and round, but you're not yet too uncomfortable.  You can wear your own clothes, or choose from some flowy fabrics and special gowns I have just for maternity photography.

I now also offer Maternity Milk Bath sessions, which are wonderfully relaxing sessions performed in a warm bath of milk.  It is visually stunning and also great for the skin.  These sessions are for mummy only.  If you'd like your partner or children to be included, consider a regular maternity session instead!