Boudoir photography

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what is boudoir?

A boudoir photography session is an empowering photoshoot for women, where you can show your sexy and sensual side. See yourself as you’ve never seen before. Use it as a gift for your husband-to-be, as an anniversary present or for your milestone birthday. Sessions can be tailored to a ‘rating’ of your choice, from ‘classic and beautiful’ to ‘sexy as all hell’.

I have been photographing women for a long time - through all stages of their life - as teenagers for their formal, when they get married, and capturing the joy when they begin their family. I understand women. I understand their worries and concerns, especially over their body image.

It’s because of this, that I understand just how powerful a great boudoir session with an amazing photographer can be. I know how to pose and direct women, highlighting their assets so they are less concerned about the areas they are worried about. I will show you just how beautiful you are - just as you are.

If you’d like more information on the packages available for boudoir photography, please send me an email by clicking HERE.

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Upcoming workshops

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