Maternity photography sessions becoming popular with Rachel Sherman

I’ve had a massive increase in interest for maternity/pregnancy photo sessions recently, so I thought it timely to write an article and let you know what a maternity session is all about.

I always combine a maternity session with a newborn photo session in what I call a ‘Bump to Baby’ package.  This package involves a shorter maternity session and then a regular-length newborn session.  The maternity sessions usually run for 45mins and then newborn sessions for 2.5 hours.

I try and schedule maternity sessions at around 35 weeks (give or take).  At this stage, your belly is nice and round, but you’re not feeling too uncomfortable yet!

My absolute favourite maternity sessions to do are when mum comes out and we glam her up a bit and have a bit of a pamper session! This is one of those times in life when you look most like a woman, so we should flaunt it!

And of course, I always love a silhouette shot, and there’s no better thing to do one with than a pregnant belly – they’re made for silhouettes!!


There’s lots of options when it comes to a maternity session.  Firstly, you can choose between a studio session, or having your photos taken outdoors.  Studio sessions can be done any time of the day, however I always schedule outdoor sessions for around an hour before sunset, when the light is less harsh and ‘golden’.

It’s your choice between studio or outdoors and depends on your personal preference.  Some people really love the studio look, and other people are just naturally drawn to the outdoors.  Take a look at some of the photos I’ve done in the past and you’ll naturally be drawn to one or the other.

The most common question I get when planning a maternity session is ‘What do I wear???’ And again, the answer depends on personal choice.  Some clients are very comfortable in their bodies and are happy to show their bare bellies and even strip down to underwear and be naked (always posed carefully and artistically).  Other clients are more modest and prefer to wear their regular clothes.

If you choose your own clothes, it’s usually best to wear something a little more tight or form fitting.  Think jeans and a singlet top, or a tube dress, or even a flowy maxi dress which is belted above the belly.

Other options include a special robe/gown/kimono of your own or even a crisp white button up shirt with pretty underwear.

I have some specially made pregnancy gowns which are tight fitting at the top and flowy and have a slit up the front for the belly to poke through.  I also have some fabrics which we can use to drape over your body either while laying down or standing up.

You’re more than welcome to bring along family members (your husband/partner and other children) or if you want a day out by yourself, then that’s OK too!

From your session, you’ll get 5-10 photos and I’ll print them up as 4x6 prints.  If you’d like larger prints, they will be available for purchase and I can easily arrange that.

If you have any other questions at all, I’m always happy to chat with you.