Take a super selfie!

Nearly everyone has a smartphone with a camera these days, and nearly everyone is on at least one form of social media (eg facebook, snapchat, Instagram, twitter etc).  And what goes hand in hand with social media and a smartphone camera – you guessed it, the SELFIE!!

Some people take fantastic selfies and others, well – this post is for you!  I want to help you take an AMAZING selfie.

Being a professional photographer, I know a few tips and tricks and understand angles and what the camera does to our bodies and faces.

So, read on for a few great selfie tips, which will have you updating your profile picture in no time!


Tip 1: ALWAYS have the camera slightly above eye level.  Too often I see people holding their phone down around their chest and angling it upwards towards their chin to take a pic – this will not result in a great photo, ever.  As an example - I took some of my own selfies - on the left is the camera slightly above eye level, and on the right is below chin level.

Tip 2: Find your better side.  Everyone has a side they prefer, whether it’s because of the way their hair parts, because of differences in their eyes, or because of scars, acne or any number of reasons.  Get used to holding your phone in the hand of your preferred side.  You can see from the examples above that the better photo (on the left) is taken from a slight angle on my preferred side, whereas the other selfie on the right is front-on.

Tip 3: Do the turtle!  Anyone who’s ever had a photoshoot with me will know what I mean by this.  Push your head forward to elongate your neck and tilt your chin down ever so slightly (but keep your shoulders back and relaxed).  This makes your neck look longer and leaner (and goes a long way to eliminate any double chins!  And when you combine this with the pic taken from just above eye level – an instant slimdown!) 

Tip 4: Use your self-timer.  On the iphone there is a 3 second or 10 second self-timer.   By using this you’ll eliminate any blur caused as your finger moves the phone when you press the shutter button.  It also gives you time to pose perfectly and LOOK AT THE LENSE, rather than at your reflection on the screen!

Tip 5: Stand by the window and use the natural light to light your face nicely (don’t use the flash, it’ll create nasty shadows). I'm standing in a doorway above.  It's important to use the available light, but not to be in direct sunlight, as then the shadows will be too harsh.

Tip 6: Be aware of your background.  This is especially important if you’re going to be posting the photos on social media – you don’t want to take a selfie in the bathroom and then realise hours after you’ve posted it on facebook that your dirty undies were on top of the laundry hamper right behind you lol!

So, get snapping.