Introducing Sitter Sessions - Baby Photography, Warialda

A ‘sitting’ baby (around 6-8 months of age) is my second most favourite age to photograph a child (a squishy 5-day old newborn is my absolute favourite!!)

I have recently launched specialised Sitter Sessions.  These sessions are done in the studio when bub is sitting, but not yet crawling, which for most babies is usually around 6-8 months of age.

Why have a session then?  Well firstly it celebrates that first year milestone of sitting up on their own, but it’s also an age when bubs are so happy and smiley and their little personalities really seem to shine.  They can easily be amused and distracted and are seemingly not afraid of much.

At this age, they really start to engage with other people and as I said, their eyes and faces show so much personality!

The sessions are only quite short (usually 30mins) so that bubs don’t get too tired.  I have a range of different backdrops, props such as baskets, buckets, crates and bean bags, as well as some very cute little outfits and rompers and an array of bowties, suspenders, headbands, tiebacks, bonnets, beanies and wraps.

So essentially, unless you have something specific you want your sitter photographed in, you don’t need to bring anything!

There is a print included in the session fee, and additional products can also be purchased.  I now offer a range of beautiful wall-art options, including enlargements, canvases and aluminium prints.

While the Sitter Sessions are focussed on the bub in question, I understand that parents sometimes also want to include the other siblings.  I am happy to include an extra shot or two of siblings, however if more shots are desired with additional family members or more time is required, then I would recommend booking a family session.

For older bubs, I can also offer a 12 month themed session.  Some of the themes might be based around bub’s favourite colour, or perhaps ‘tutu cute’ or ‘cowboy’ or ‘balloons’.

My full-service studio is located a 15-20 min drive just north of Warialda and I now have air-conditioning for your comfort.  Come and visit!