Aaron and Karla wed in beautiful Bingara

Aaron and Karla were married on a beautiful summer’s day in Bingara on Saturday 5th December.  Being December, we were all expecting the day to be stinking hot, but the weather gods were kind to us and the temperature was just beautiful. (And, it was also Karla’s birthday – what a birthday present – a new husband!!)

The entire wedding theme was centred around Karla’s shoes!  Karla had these amazing black and white shoes (which matched her black-sashed wedding dress) and all the decorations were black and white, kind of like ‘country-style tuxedo’.  The wedding and reception was held at the iconic Roxy Theatre in Bingara.  And photographs were done out at Aaron’s family farm between Bingara and Barraba.

As Aaron and others finalised decorations and preparations at the Roxy, Karla was pampered by Skye at Lush Hair and Beauty, before heading to the River House to get ready.

So…there was a slight hitch in Karla’s arrival at the Roxy!  She was meant to be picked up in John Wade’s horse-drawn carriage from the beautiful River House, along with all the flower girls and page boys.  Unfortunately, as they left the River House, the horse decided not to cooperate, the kids got upset and the carriage got a flat tyre! (I know – they tell me never to work with kids and animals haha!)

So, most of the crew alighted form the carriage.  I still had my car at the River House, so the bride and the youngest of the kids hopped in my car with their parents, while the older kids, Karla’s Dad, and I, all walked down to the Roxy!

By the time we had arrived, John had his horse and carriage sorted and he picked up Karla from around the corner of the Theatre and she was still able to make her grand entrance at the Roxy.  Meanwhile – Aaron remained inside the theatre the entire time, waiting patiently for his bride, none the wiser.  I think all-in-all, the ceremony was only 10 or so minutes late.

Karla was one of the most excited brides I have seen, her face beaming as she walked down the steps of the Roxy, on her father’s arm, towards her beau.  The ceremony was short and sweet, made even more personal as the celebrant, Linda McDouall, had known Aaron since he was a young boy.  Both Karla and Aaron’s mums were the witnesses and signed the registry in the absence of a bridal party.

After the ceremony, Aaron’s sister Felicity and Karla’s Dad George accompanied us (and were very helpful assistants!) out to the farm for some photographs.  The day was still quite bright (as it is until around 8pm in the summer out here) so we used the hay shed and some trees for shade before hitting the paddock with the dogs.

When we arrived back at the Roxy (only a little late) the reception began in full swing with some amazing food, great music and entertaining speeches.  I even managed to get Karla and Aaron out the front of the Roxy for an after dark shot (my signature shot!) and then ended the night with some lovely shots of their first dance in front of their friends and family on the magnificent theatre floor.