INTRODUCING - Maternity Milk Baths

I’ve been wanting to photograph a pregnancy milk bath for some time now.  I just think the combination on the white milk and the beautiful florals is stunning with a pregnant belly!

I had no shortage of volunteers but am ever so grateful to Cassie and Gracie (both clients of mine) for allowing me to photograph them in the bath!

The Maternity Milk Bath Session will be a mum-only session.  So leave your partner and the kids at home, because this time is just for you!  The session doesn’t take too long – a half an hour at the most.  I’ll run a warm bath before you arrive, so you can hop straight in and then we can add the milk and some flowers (which will vary depending on the season).

I’ll photograph from behind your head, and also from above.  You have the option of being nude (with the milk and your arms covering anything that needs to be covered) or I also have some fabrics and gowns which can also be worn in the bath.  Alternatively, bring along your own lingerie or a bandeau bra.

This is a unique way to document your pregnancy and has absolutely stunning results.

Maternity Milk bath sessions will only be booked during the hours of 9-2 to take advantage of the best sunlight hours and you’ll receive 10 images.

Contact me today for more information or to book your session. Phone 0427 570 506.