Mia visits again from Moree - Rachel Sherman Baby Photographer

One of the best things about being a photographer of little people, is that you often get to watch kids grow.  I’m sometimes the first non-family member to see a bub for the first time and I really value the connection I make with each and every one of my clients. 

I then get to watch that child grow and am the person called upon to capture them at their milestones – when they can sit up by themselves, at their first birthday and then family photos as they get older.

I first met Josh and Amie when they brought Mia over to my old studio in town just before Christmas last year.  Mia was just 5 days old!  She was such a smiley little thing and performed little an absolute star!

The Shones recently brought Mia back to the studio to update their photos of her and get a few more family shots as well.  Mia was again, just a delightful little cherub and really did shine!

She was fully of cheeky little grins, but also had some very cute (and funny) facial expressions.  I think frowny faces on bubs are just gorgeous!!

Mum Amie has been busy making headbands and we were able to use a number of those during the shoot.  The colours that she had chosen actually worked in really well with many of the fabrics and props that I had already set aside to use during the shoot.  (Great minds think alike!)

I still look into Mia’s beautiful bug blue eyes and am blown away by how breathtaking they are!

I can’t wait for the next time that I see the Shone family.  Mia is sure to be even more beautiful!