Meet Samuel from Moree - Newborn Photography

Little Samuel was 8 days old when is mum brought him over from Moree for his newborn photography session.

He had a rash of red hair and a look of determination.  I’m pretty sure that determination was to not sleep for the entire session (although he did manage forty or so winks towards the end of the session!)

But that’s OK, because even if a newborn doesn’t sleep during their session, I’m then able to capture their beautiful eyes and sometimes we’re lucky enough to have bub look straight at us, down the barrel of the camera, and those shots can make the most stunning images.

Mum had brought with her a couple of props that she had been given and we were able to incorporate these into the shoot.

I find that summer bubs don’t mind getting their gear off and being naked, while winter bubs hate it when you take their clothes off.  I often start a session by wrapping a winter newborn, mostly because they are so unused to being without clothes. 

Despite the studio being quite warm with several heaters going, the little cherubs just aren’t used to that feeling of no clothes.  Generally though, once they relax a little in their new surroundings, and fall asleep, we’re able to unwrap bub and get some beautiful shots.