Consider an Unplugged Wedding - Wedding Photographer Warialda, Inverell, Moree, Tamworth

In this technological age, we take our smartphones everywhere and they’re not only capable of making phonecalls, but you can also video, take photos, undertake simple editing and then post all of this to social media.

This is becoming increasingly evident at weddings.  Before the ceremony is over, there could be up to 50 posts by guests onto social media.  These pictures and video haven’t been vetted by the happy couple, they haven’t been taken at flattering angles, and they’ve been taken with the limited quality that a smartphone camera provides (or even worse on an ipad!)

What’s more – in many cases, it can also hinder the job of the professional photographer at the wedding – the person hired by the bride and groom to capture the special moments of their day.

Do you want wedding guests leaning into the aisle with their ipads while your photographer is trying to capture that moment when the groom first sees his wife-to-be walking down the aisle ?

And here’s the big kicker – while your guests are busy trying to zoom in or get a high enough view with their ipad above everyone’s heads, or checking the photos they’ve just taken on their iphone screen – they’re missing the true, real beauty of your wedding.  They’re not present in the moment.

So…..what many couples are now considering is having an ‘unplugged’ wedding.  You’ll most likely have to advise your guests ahead of time (and then remind them on the day) that you encourage them to put down their cameras and phones until the reception.

Ask if your photographer can instead capture as many guest shots as possible, both at the ceremony and the reception.  They can then post these onto a special album of their website or even facebook for your guests to view and share.

Image from Pinterest

Image from Pinterest