Trevor and Rekaya marry at Tamworth's Tangaratta Vineyards

On a magnificent spring day, Rekaya and Trevor came together to declare their love and devotion to each other in front of their family and friends at the gorgeous Tangaratta Vineyards, just west of Tamworth.

The two had been engaged for just over a year and Trevor had organised for his proposal to be photographed by a friend – he’d given Rekaya the idea that they were just going to have some photos taken together in the park!

The day was just perfect – a temperate spring day.  Rekaya and her bridesmaids prepared at her home with hair and makeup, while Trevor and his groomsmen all got ready at Rekaya’s parents’ house.  When I arrived to take pictures of the boys getting ready – I had to tear them away from the x-box.  Suffice to say, they were all quite relaxed!  Not to be left out, the boys also had a barber visit for some last minute touch-ups.

Rekaya’s calmness was evident even as she arrived at the Vineyard and prepared herself to walk down the aisle towards the man of her dreams.  Trevor was left speechless and emotional as his caught his first glimpse of Rekaya in her wedding dress.

The ceremony was short but very moving, with several friends participating with readings and poems.  After the ceremony we got everyone together for a picture of the entire wedding guest group, before heading off into the Vineyards for official bridal party photographs.

We utilised several different areas of the Vineyard – they had a small barley crop in, so we were able to get quite a rural feel to some of the pictures, along with some shots among the vines and along the greens closer to the reception hall.

Rekaya and Trevor were also keen to have some after-dark shots, which we began just before sunset.  As the sun was going down, some storm clouds started rolling in, creating some real drama in some of the shots.  I also had the happy couple pose amongst the fairy lights and on the verandah of the on-ground chapel.

Wishing you all the best for many happy years together Rekaya and Trevor.