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“We’ll get some family photos once I lose some weight….”

I hear this comment so often from women – mothers – who desperately want to update their family photographs, but don’t want to be photographed themselves, for whatever reason – their weight, their hairstyle, their kids behaviour.

These are the exact reasons why you should choose a professional photographer, just like me, for your family photos.

A professional will know how to light and pose people to get the best angles that are flattering for any body types.  We know how to make people feel comfortable and relaxed so that their smiles are genuine.  We know how to encourage real interaction between those we’re photographing to get natural looking photos, conveying real emotions.  And finally, we know how to edit photos to enhance further what we’ve done in-camera during the session ( to get rid of any blemishes, scratches etc).

The other thing we need to remind ourselves is that our partners and our kids don’t see us with the critical eye that we always cast over ourselves.  Our kids want to see photos of us all together.  They want to know that their parents existed!

There is a trend out there called ‘existing in photos’ (it even is its own hashtag #existinphotos) and it is encouraging people to not only take photos, but to be in photos themselves.  To exist in photographs, and more importantly prints – the real, tangible prints and canvases that you put on your wall.

One of my favourite photographers is Sue Bryce and she is a Kiwi-born Australian glamour photographer who now lives and works in LA.  In one of her video tutorials that I recently watched, she said this

“One day your children will look for photographs of you – what will they have?”

This really struck a chord with me because I hate having my photo taken!  (That’s why I’m way more comfortable behind the lense, and always have been!)  BUT, I know that I will feel comfortable with a trained, professional photographer taking my picture, because they know what they are doing.

BUT, more than anything, I will face my fears and have photos taken because of this reason……not long ago I went to a conference on the Gold Coast and was away from my family for 4 days.  This is probably the longest my little girl has been away from me.  When I returned, my mum told me that she had to go to my house and get the photo of me and my daughter (taken when we updated our family photos last year – by a professional photographer!) and my daughter carried it around with her for the entire last day that I was away.

These photos mean so much to our children.  They don’t care whether we’re 5 kilos overweight.  They don’t care whether we had a pimple on our chin that day.  They care about the connection they see in the pictures.  They care that there’s a picture of them with their parents.

This pic is of me, my mother and my daughter - we took it in the studio on Mothers' Day.  I set everyone up with the correct lighting and poses and used the remote to take the shot.  It's seriously one of my favourite shots ever.