Woohoo - I'm now accredited with the AIPP!

Last week I found out that I have received news that my portfolio was assessed by the Australian Institute of Professional Photography, and I am now an Accredited Professional Photographer.

I seriously cried when I found out – it’s something that I have aspired to for some time.  It’s the most amazing thing when clients praise your work, and obviously as a full-time photographer this is incredibly important as it is how I make a living.  But it’s something else entirely to have your work judged and praised by your industry peers.  It’s a very special and humbling thing.

This will mean that I will have access to some amazing professional development workshops and events, allowing me to improve and grow as a photographer.  It’s also great to belong to an industry group and keep up with the latest and greatest in industry news, standards and technology.

In some even more groundbreaking news, a few days after I received my accreditation, the AIPP announced that it has received certification with the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC).  The ACCC now formally recognises the status of an “Accredited Professional” through the award of a “Certification Trade Mark”.

The AIPP say that this means that its 2000 members can now offer even greater assurances to clients that they, as members of the AIPP, are bound by a set of standards – and are assessed and receive accreditation only if they meet those standards.

I am very proud to display the AIPP logo!