Beautiful newborns

I truly love newborn photography session!  Not only are the bubs so precious that it makes your heart melt, but to see the wonder, joy and love in parents' eyes is just so beautiful to witness.

Earlier this month I had the opportunity to photograph two families with their newborns.  For the first family, it was their third child and the second family were newbies - having just had their first little bundle of joy.

You can tell a bub who has older siblings - they sleep through anything!  This was certainly the case with baby Dexter's photoshoot!  His big brother and sister ruled the roost and showed their energetic spirits, while little Dexter just slept through the entire process!

During my second shoot with baby Oliver, he was a little more wakeful (although he was a bit older as well) and really showed that at just 17 days he already had a gorgeous little character about him, giving us smiles when it mattered!  And so strong - already able to hold his head up high!

I'd love to meet your family, especially those new little ones!