Possibilities are endless!

Over Easter I did my first ‘concept shoot’.  A concept shoot is when you choose a theme, location and model to suit.  My concept shoot was ‘Rustic Elegance’.  I wanted to showcase natural beauty and the contrast between the rustic qualities of my home and the beauty of a stunning woman in some beautiful gowns.

Shandie was the perfect fit for the concept shoot and was a ‘natural beauty’ in her own right!  Thank you so much Shandie.

We have many plans to work on more concept shoots in the future and can’t wait to get together again to let our imaginations run wild!

Concept shoots or themed shoots are also a perfect idea for a photoshoot for the littlies.  Perhaps you might want to book a ‘vintage’ style photoshoot for your son, complete with braces, poor-boy hat and old dusty shoes?  What about a ballerina theme for your little girl, twirling around in a tutu, ballet shoes and tiara?

The possibilities are endless!