Photographing babies

I am often asked what is involved with a newborn or baby photography session – whether it’s easier done at home, or in a studio environment?

The best answer I can tell you, is that it’s best done where you and your new family, will be most comfortable.

I have recently done two different baby photography sessions – one at a client’s home and the other in the studio.

If it’s done at home, all I need is a space (about 3m x 3m) close to a window that lets some nice light in – although not direct sunlight.

I have all my own equipment that I bring along – backdrops and stands, lights if needed and an array of lovely blankets, beanies, headbands and props.  Babies can be wrapped or even wearing a cute little onesie or tutu for the girls, but I have to say, the best photos are those when the bub is stark naked! (Newborn baby rolls and wrinkles are so gorgeous!!)

If you want some family photos done as well, it’s best to try and keep the colour pallete similar for mum, dad and any siblings.  You don’t have to be completely matchy-matchy, but similar colours are preferable.

I don’t like to tell clients what colour is best, because it really depends on your skin colouring and personal preferences.  Some families like to dress all in black (and yes – it can definitely be slimming!) while other families prefer lighter colours.

Keep your hair, jewellery and make-up simple, because these are all things that can date easily!!

Some families have some ideas in mind of photographs they would particularly like, so make sure you tell me if there is a specific photo or combination of people in the photo that you’d like.

The most important thing – is to enjoy yourself!  Have fun, because your joy and happiness will shine through and your photos will be even more memorable for many years to come.

Below are some recent baby sessions I have done of baby Claire and baby Emmison and their families– is there anything more beautiful!!

*Just one final word on the difference between newborn and baby photography….newborn photography is for babies under 3 weeks of age, when they are still sleepy, curly, tiny little things!

Baby photography is for bubs over a month old – they will have lengthened out a little, often don’t curl up as much when they sleep and can be more wakeful during a session.

(Just to keep in mind to help you understand what types of images you might get).