Back to Basics

I find that when I lack inspiration, it's best to go back to basics.  This might sound strange - you'd think it'd be more about thinking outside the square and trying something new - but for me, it works.

There are some days that I start questioning myself and wondering what I'm doing.  I get too bogged down by technical aspects and forget that photography is all about capturing something - a moment in time.  Whether it's a beautiful vista, an emotion or even just a play of light on an everyday object.

So, instead of trying to learn something new or do something a different way (and inevitably getting friustrated and overwhelmed in the process, I return to photographing the things that I love to snap - mostly my daughter and sunsets.

I then find that I get my confidence back because I am doing something familar.  Before long, my mojo has returned and it's then that is the best time to learn or try something new.

You've got to walk before you can run.