Ahhhh, Sunsets!

My husband often rolls his eyes when I tell him I’m off to take pictures of another sunset.  He can’t understand why I want to take so many photos of them!

The simple fact is though, that just like every day is a new one – so is every sunrise and sunset.

The temperature, the weather, the cloud cover, wind, other atmospheric pollution, location and the time of year all impact on a sunset.

Sunsets can range from light and colourful with pinks and organs, to dark, ominous moody sunsets with greys and purples, to those very dark orange and red fiery sunsets.

It’s also amazing what a matter of five minutes can do to a sunset.  Suddenly a very ordinary looking afternoon can change into a spectacular visual display!  You have to be quick to set up, but you also can’t pack up too quickly – sit, relax and wait for the sunset to unfold, snapping away every 30 seconds or so.

Here are some of my favourite sunsets!